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I’m Waiting for Mama

I’m Waiting for Mama (2018)

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6:13min / HD / English


Alex and his father are going through a difficult period and try to make sense of what happened to their lives.


Writing credit:  ZhiMin Hu, David Soucy
Directed by:  ZhiMin Hu
Cinematography by: David Soucy & ZhiMin Hu
Sound Recorded & Sound Edit & Sound Mix:  Julia Innes
Film Edited by:  ZhiMin Hu
Music by:  Adrian Ellis


Alex – Skylar Hu-Soucy
Lisa – Faye Hu-Soucy
DaDa – David Soucy
Mama – ZhiMin Hu

Canadian Filmmaker Distributor Centre

The Best Canadian Short Film Award at
2018 Regina International Film Festival and Award

2018 Canada Chinese International Film Festival
2019 Oregon Short Film Festival
2019 Prisma Rome Indépendant Film Award
2019 Blackbird Film Festival
2019 AltFF Alternative Film Festival – Semi Finalist
2021 Mom Film Festival



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