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The Teacup

The Teacup (2024)


Duration: 17:30min / 4K / Mandarin & English with English subtitle

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A teacup triggers an immigrant’s memories and nostalgia. How she deals with this past affects her perspective on her childhood, her family, and her future.
The Teacup is a poignant exploration of the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring bonds of family, reminding us that even in our darkest moments, the seeds of redemption and reconciliation can bloom, transforming shattered dreams into rays of hope.

Writer: ZhiMin Hu
Director: ZhiMin Hu
Producer: ZhiMin Hu

Production in Taiwan area
Line Producer: Zi-Ning Chiou
Production Manager: Yi-Chen Chen
Production Designer: Yin-Chiao Liao
1st AD: Yan-Ren Chen
Cinematographer: Chen-Chih Chan
1st AC: Kuo-Chih Ping / Wei-De Chen
2nd AC: Ming-Han Li
2nd Unit Cameraman: Jin-Fong Zhong
Camera Department interm: Chia-Hung Ling
Gaffer: Yuan-Guan Zheng
Electrician: Zhi-Xian Jiang
Sound recordist: Yan Chen
Boom Operator: Hsiu-Ming Chang
Costume Designer: Yi-Ping Dong
Art Department Assistant: No-Deng Hu / Chu-Ting Simony Kwan
MUA: Kai-Ning Lau
Still Photographer: Rae Su
Production Assistant:
Hao-Chang Chiang/Zhong-Xiang Tan/Chen-Guang Yang/Lap-Hei John Chan

Production in Toronto area
Line Producer: Melody Shang
Production Manager: Gaston Poon
Cinematographer: Jack Yan Chen
Art Director: Delia Yuan
Sound Recordist: Paul Viret
Gaffer: Zack Risto
MUA: Linda-Marie Civichino
Set Photographer: Sofia Guevara
1st AC: Alice Do
1st AD: Jie Chiu
2nd AD: Tsubasa Hamaguchi
Production Assistant: Hsin Ju Lee & Nii Wallace-Bruce

Post Production
Editor: ZhiMin Hu
Music Composer:
Deanna H. Choi, Zakhar Valaha, Chillmore, Evgeniy Onoychenoko
Sound Mixer: Mike Palozzi
Colourist: Paulius Orlovskis
Poster Designer: Aliks Chen
Calligrapher: Lian-Kui Zhang
3rd Unit Cameraman (credit): ZhiMin Hu

10 years old MeiLi: I Chou
18 years old MeiLi: Chien-Yu Su
40 years old MeiLi: Joyce Ji
MeiLi’s Father: Yu-Shan Lin
MeiLi’s Mother: Li-Hui Fu
MeiLi’s Daughter: Faye Hu-Soucy
Bus Attendant: Jia–Yuan Tu
Store Owner in Taiwan: Hsiusha Lee
Toronto Chinatown Store Owner: Sam Zhang
Gaston Poon, Skylar Hu-Soucy, Ann Marie Chin Fee, Cathy Leung-Rosnuk
Yun-Ying Chan, Zheng-Kun Pan, Wen-Qi Wang, Yan-Ting Chan, Hui-Mei Yang
Hua-Xiang Zeng, Bai-Lu Tu, Zhi-Kai Xu


















We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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