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A Cold Summer Night




A Cold Summer Night (2015)

28mins / HD / Mandrain with English subtitle


An emotional story of a husband that is rarely home, a wife that is lonely and angry, a child that desires love, and a grandmother that is trapped in the middle.  A traditional Chinese family in a modern society is forced to make difficult choices as a result of a failing marriage.


Producer & Writer & Director: ZhiMin Hu
Production Manager: Cindy Cheung
Cinematography: David Soucy
Gaffer: Heng Liu
Soundwoman: Julia Innes
Still Photographer: Lori Feng
Editor: ZhiMin Hu
Sound Design: Luc Mandeville
On-Line Editor: Denis Gathelier
Assistant Editor: Pierre Dupont
Sound Mix: Geoffrey Mitchell
Music Composer: Geneviève Levasseur

Special Thanks:
National Film Board – FAP program



2016 Selected d by BAnQ ( Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec) for circulation as part of their film collection
2016 NewLife Film Festival & Screenplay Contest
2015 Los Angeles CineFest
2015 Frame by Sound Festival
2015 TOFF – The Online Film Festival
2015 Three Cities Festival and Conference
2015 AMERASIA Film Festival – Retrospective of short film by Canadian Asian Women

a cold summer night02A Cold Summer Night (2015)


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