Sophie’s Letter, Trailer

Sophie’s Letter (2015)

9 min / HD / English



During the composition of the letter to her abusive father, Sophie identifies with her inner wounded child (Little Sophie) and gradually finds what she needs to grow beyond the limits and boundaries that were burned into her psyche so many years earlier.



Producer & Director & Writer: ZhiMin Hu
Cinematographer: Alain Baril, David Soucy, ZhiMin Hu
Grip & Assist Cameraman : David Soucy
Editor : ZhiMin Hu
Voice Record: Geoff Mitchell
Voice : Sophie Segard & Anik St-Louis
Sound design: ZhiMin Hu, Julia Innes
Mix: Julia Innes
On-Line editor: Sylvain Cossette
Vocal: Anik St-Louis
“Pulse” – Christopher Ferreira
“Prayer” – Jami Sieber
“Trouble” – Kalabi
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Sophie at 30 : Anik St-Louis
Sophie at 13 : Sophie Segard
Sophie at 5:  Charlotte Alder-Ricart

Special Thanks:

Prim Center, Creative Support Program



2017 version

Canadian Filmmaker Distribution Centre

Film Festival:
2015  Tracce Cinematografiche Film Festival
2015 TopShorts Online Film Festival, Special Mention Award
2015 American Psychology Association Film Festival
2015 The Bearing Film Festival
2015 Eastern NC Film Festival
2018 Cefalù film festival

2015 Special Mention at TopShorts Film Festival


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