My Color

My Color (2006)
5min / 16mm / no dialogue

So close yet so far away.
We are different yet we are so similar.

Director & Writer : ZhiMin Hu
Assistant Director : King-Wei Chu
Cinematographer: ZhiMin Hu
Art Director : Charles Li
Gaffer & Grip : Pierre-Philippe Emond & Sun Wei
Editor : ZhiMin Hu
Sound Mix & Desgin : Benoit Lafrance
Music : “The Sadness of the Witch” & “Light Between Us” from Falling You
From Magnatune.com

Kym Dominique-Ferguson
Nelly-Thida Chau
Faisal Lutchmedial
Stephanie Nichols
Yassine Gueroun
Kamal Bouknadel
Lisa Bookbinder
Benoit Lafrrance
Chris Johnson
Yidi Song
Keiko Yakabe

2006 30th Montreal International World Film Festival
2015 Ozark Shorts Film Festival


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