Love is Color Blind

Love is Color Blind

Love is Color-Blind  is 6-episod TV documentary series in which a Chinese man or woman between 20 and 80 years old, along with their non-Chinese spouse or partner, share infrequently discussed insights regarding the challenges and rewards of their relationships. The couples involved share either a heterosexual or homosexual relationship.

The primary objective of the series is to depict the 60-year evolution of culture and attitude toward love, marriage, family and race in both China and Canada through the participants’ experiences, which range from humorous to repressive.

Each episode reflects a specified time:

Episode 1 – Never Too Late For Love (1950)

Episode 2 – You’re the One (1960)

Episode 3 – Difference Attracts (1980)

Episode 4 – Learning the World Together (1990)

Episode 5 – Yellow Fever (2000)

Episode 6 – The New Generation (2010)


Distribution: Bell Fibe TV1, Channel 1217, VOD



Orignal Concept: ZhiMin Hu

Director / Producer: ZhiMin Hu

Writer: ZhiMin Hu, David Soucy

Assistant Director: Linda Diep

Hosts: ZhiMin Hu, David Soucy

Editor: ZhiMin Hu

Script: Min Zhou

Photographer: Zhou Zhou

TV1 Team

Producer: Melisa Forero

Cameras: Michel Desilets, Guillaume Meloche, Frederic Segard, Alain Bisson, Dominic Dutil

Make-up: Lorraine Belec, Marie-Pier Durand

Hair Stylist: Tania Lacoste Major

Production Assistants: Jonathan Marchand,Arnaud Livemont Asselin, Elvis Horacio Sodji

Online Editor: Alexandre Beaudoin

Assistant Editor: Rosa Amat

Audio: Daniel Provencher, Francois Lacasse

Mixer: Jean-Philippe Goyette

Volunteer Coordinator: Tamara Greenidge

Production Coordinator: Vanessa Paquette

Administrator: Lara de Beaupre

Supervising Producer: Yvan Lajeaunesse

Special Thanks: Fung Ying Suo

Produced by ZhiMin Productions

Produced in collaboration with TV1

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