Ketchup & Soya Sauce

Ketchup & Soya Sauce 



A documentary revealing the nuances of mixed relationships between first-generation Chinese and Canadian while exploring historical taboos and criminalization of interracial relations in Canada. We follow 5 couples in different age groups as they contend with communication challenges, relationships with extended family, differing food habits, financial conflict, interpretation of intimacy, and how their relationships were shaped by the history of mixed relationships in Canada since the 1930’s.


There are two versions of this film.

Version 1, 44mins, it’s part of Absolutely Canadian program on CBC, available on CBC’s GEM.


It was premiered on CBC Montreal on 2019 September 21, Saturday, 7pm. 


Version 2, 63 mins, it will be distributed to film festivals.



Producer: ZhiMin Hu

Executive producer: Carrie Haber

Writer: ZhiMin Hu, David Soucy

Researcher: ZhiMin Hu

Director: ZhiMin Hu

Assistant Director: Linda Diep

Cameraman: Michel Desilets, Guillaume Meloche,
Frederic Segard, Alain Bisson,
Dominic Dutil, ZhiMin Hu,
David Soucy

Sound recordist: Julia Innes, Tod Van Dyk
Daniel Provencher, Francois Lecasse

Picture Editor: ZhiMin Hu

Motion Graphic designer: Jack Wu

Composer: Adrian Ellis

Sound designer & Mixer: Chris Leon

Still photographer: Zhou Zhou

Poster Designer: John Godfrey



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